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Australian Kokoda Tours

Australian Kokoda Tours is a family owned business, having run treks over Kokoda since 2006. We guarantee after finishing your journey with Australian Kokoda Tours you will feel a fabulous sense of self achievement and the Kokoda track will have changed your life.

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Back Track Adventures

Founded in 1984, we sent our first trekkers over the Kokoda Track as far back as 1985. Then, only a handful of people ever walked the Track in any year. Today, we take many trekkers and we are honoured to share the history of the Track, and to help you achieve your personal challenge.

Escape Trekking Adventures

Escape Trekking Adventures is an AUSTRALIAN based company that is driven to provide adventure based treks all over world.
The Kokoda track is our bread and butter trek, where we provide high quality treks to the historians, adventurous and nature lovers a like.

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Getaway Trekking

Getaway Trekking is Australia’s #1 culturally and ecologically sensitive trek operator, an expert in the Kokoda Track (Kokoda Trail) Our treks in Papua New Guinea include (Kokoda Trail/Track, Kapa Kapa-Jaure Track and the Embessa Cultural Trek), Although we have taken many adventurous souls to various destinations around the world, our principal destination remains the Kokoda Track (Kokoda Trail) in PNG.

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Kokoda Treks & Tours

Frank Taylor and his team have had a 30 year relationship with the people and landscape of the Kokoda Trail.  Frank himself has travelled over the Trail over 130 times, coupled with numerous shorter explorations of specific areas and localities of historical importance. We offer a complete approach to Australian Military Heritage Tours in sharing the full travel experience and campaign history with accurate information content and wide geographical knowledge in our programming.

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Kokoda Historical

Kokoda Historical specialise in small-size historical guided tours to the First and Second World War battlefields and places of cultural significance in Papua New Guinea.

We have been conducting guided tours across the Kokoda Track / Kokoda Trail, Black Cat Track, Shaggy Ridge, Lark Force Track (Rabaul-Tol Plantation), Milne Bay, Wewak and Aitape to name a few, since 2005 and have enjoyed many successful treks and tours.

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Kokoda Spirit

Trekking Kokoda with us means you see things as an explorer, historian and adventurer. Kokoda Spirit prides itself on its friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff. Our staff truly makes all the difference and ensures that all our trekkers have a memorable trek. Our priority is the safety of our trekkers. Our staff is focused on ensuring that all of our trekkers cross the Track safely and enjoy their experience.

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Kokoda Trekking

Kokoda Trekking is the most experienced Kokoda tour company on the trail. When you are travelling to one of the world’s most rugged natural landscapes, you need peace of mind that you will be safe and well looked after and that you’ll have an incredible journey.

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Kokoda Crossing

Having successful guided treks over the Kokoda Track since 2011, Travis Hocart and his amazing carrier team at Kokoda Crossing leave no stone unturned in preparing you for this incredible journey of cultural, historical and national significance. We also offer “non-trekking” historical and cultural tours to Papua New Guinea that allow you to experience traditional village customs as well as visits to significant World War II battles-sites.

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No Roads Expeditions

No Roads Expeditions are careful to respect the memory of those lost, as well as the lifestyle of those still present. We are an industry leader in terms of our environmental and social policies. All our knowledgeable guides are hand-picked and trained in the history of the trail, as well as first aid and group dynamics, in order to create the best trekking experience for all our guests.

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On Track Expeditions

Founded by brothers Richard and Andrew James, On Track Expeditions began operating Kokoda trips in 2010. Building on the extensive historical knowledge of their father, and well respected Kokoda Historian Bill James, Richard and Andrew have grown On Track Expeditions to be one of the market leaders in providing quality trekking adventures.

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