Our Members

Kokoda Spirit

Walking the Kokoda Trail with Kokoda Spirit, you will be mesmerised by the history, stunning scenery, culture, tradition and nature. Kokoda Spirit…… has been trekking the Kokoda Trail since 2004. We have led up to 55 adventures a year enabling many thousands of trekkers to walk in the footsteps of heroes across Kokoda.

Australian Kokoda Tours

Australian Kokoda Tours is a family owned business, having run treks over Kokoda since 2006. We are a licensed commercial operator registered with the Kokoda Track Authority and hold PNG Foreign Certification compliance, Investment Promotional Authority & registered with PNG Internal Revenue Commission.

Escape Trekking Adventures

Escape Trekking Adventures is an AUSTRALIAN based company that is driven to provide adventure based treks all over world.
The Kokoda track is our bread and butter trek, where we provide high quality treks to the historians, adventurous and nature lovers a like.

Getaway Trekking

Getaway Trekking is Australia’s #1 culturally and ecologically sensitive trek operator, an expert in the Kokoda Track (Kokoda Trail) Our treks in Papua New Guinea include (Kokoda Trail/Track, Kapa Kapa-Jaure Track and the Embessa Cultural Trek), Although we have taken many adventurous souls to various destinations around the world, our principal destination remains the Kokoda Track (Kokoda Trail) in PNG.

Kokoda Historical

Kokoda Historical specialise in small-size historical guided tours to the First and Second World War battlefields and places of cultural significance in Papua New Guinea.

We have been conducting guided tours across the Kokoda Track / Kokoda Trail, Black Cat Track, Shaggy Ridge, Lark Force Track (Rabaul-Tol Plantation), Milne Bay, Wewak and Aitape to name a few, since 2005 and have enjoyed many successful treks and tours.

No Roads Expeditions

No Roads Expeditions are careful to respect the memory of those lost, as well as the lifestyle of those still present. We are an industry leader in terms of our environmental and social policies. All our knowledgeable guides are hand-picked and trained in the history of the trail, as well as first aid and group dynamics, in order to create the best trekking experience for all our guests.

On Track Expeditions

Founded by brothers Richard and Andrew James, On Track Expeditions began operating Kokoda trips in 2010. Building on the extensive historical knowledge of their father, and well respected Kokoda Historian Bill James, Richard and Andrew have grown On Track Expeditions to be one of the market leaders in providing quality trekking adventures.

Wild Trek Tours

Wild Trek Tours is a family owned business running trekking tours in PNG including Kokoda, Bulldog Track, Black Cat Track, and Shaggy Ridge.
We also run Australian tours including the Overland Track, South Coast Track, and South West Cape.
Wild Trek Tours caters for small groups and provides an unforgettable experience.